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Celebrity Charity of the Week: London Marathon Special

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This coming Sunday sees one of the most influential annual celebrity fundraisers roll around again, when famous faces join elite athletes and regular runners in the 2014 London Marathon. As such, we’ve rounded up the most well conceived celebrity charity partnerships taking part in the race.

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Natalie Dormer and Barnado’s

In a big week for the English actress, Natalie Dormer is running the marathon to raise funds for Barnado’s. From a press standpoint the timing is great for the charity, as Game of Thrones also returns this week, with Natalie taking a major part in this fourth season.

Natalie explained her reasons for supporting the charity, “I am proud to be running the Virgin Money London Marathon this April to raise money and awareness for Barnardo’s. The charity transforms the lives of the most vulnerable children through its services, campaigning and research. Issues such as child poverty, sexual abuse and exploitation, disability, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse and domestic violence.

“I’m training whilst shooting ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ in Atlanta. So rest assured there will be plenty of ridiculous alarm times and running the streets after long days on set. My goal is to finish the 26.3 miles in under 4 hours!

“Huge thanks in advance. I am grateful for any donation no matter how big or small. Every penny makes a difference and it’s going to a cause I believe has a massive impact on many children’s lives.”

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Jenni Falconer and The Children’s Trust

The broadcaster and presenter, Jenni Falconer is well linked to the fitness challenges, with her own sports range, and a track record of sporting charitable endeavours, most recently in the ITV1 diving show, Splash. This year, she is running the marathon for the third time in aid of The Children’s Trust.

Jenni said, “Other than the knowledge that the faster you complete it, the sooner the pain is over, I have a great reason to run and that is because I am also raising money for The Children’s Trust, an amazing children’s charity that specialises in brain injury. Some children are born with brain injury – others sustain some forms of it during their childhood, perhaps through illness or due to an accident, the reasons are varied. One thing is for certain, if this happens to your child, you definitely would be eternally grateful for the services that The Children’s Trust can offer.”

Jenni’s regular support of the charity has been highly valuable in generating both funds and awareness of the charity to the public, with the likeable broadcaster demonstrating very the kind of desirable personal qualities that charities feel safe identifying with. Jenni also presents her own radio show, where she has been talking about both the challenge and also charity in her own words, which adds great credibility to the partnership.

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Michael Owen and Alder Hey, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and Prostate Cancer UK

Last month’s City Index Celebrity Trader, ex-England, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer, Michael Owen, is on a charity drive right now, to raise funds for his three charities, Alder Hey, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and Prostate Cancer UK. For his next challenge, it is the marathon.

When we caught up with Michael at his stables to film the City Index content, the striker was feeling the affects of the long-distance training, which he explained was the complete opposite of everything he had trained for in his professional sporting career, where short sprints were the name of the game.

Michael is pushing the charity message via his influential Twitter presence of over 2 million followers, and media commitments, meaning his three charities will benefit far more than simply funds raised.

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Dominic West and Walking With The Wounded

The star of The Wire, Dominic West, is following his recent trek alongside Prince Harry to the South Pole with the challenge of completing the London Marathon with many of his trek compatriots alongside him, for the military charity, Walking With The Wounded.

The actor, who was heavily featured in media in January after the royal trek, has used the platform to promote the charity, which seeks to make a difference to the lives of ex-service men and women, and his marathon run will draw more spotlight again on the cause.

It is a particularly relevant match of celebrity talent and charity, which offers an excellent opportunity to generate a good fundraising return, alongside exceptional publicity and awareness.

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