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Influential Tweeter of the Week: Justin Bieber

Posted by: Polygon PR | Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 | 0 Comments

This week: Justin Bieber

If, like us, you are over a certain age, you probably let out a small groan when you saw the words Justin Bieber typed above. However, his success and influence via his social networks is really quite incredible, especially when you consider that ultimately he is a floppy haired, 18 year old who has risen to fame with hits such as ‘Baby’ and ‘Boyfriend’.

Bieber has slightly fewer Twitter followers than Lady GaGa who we profiled last week. He has a shade under 33million followers which will have increased by the time this post is published, but is still currently ranked as the second most influential person on Twitter.

The ‘Klout’ study was set up to be able to rank people’s influence via their social media activity and takes into consideration the impact of opinions, links and recommendations across their social graph. Justin Bieber has been awarded the perfect Klout score of 100.

Bieber picks up a new follower on Twitter every other second and an employee at the site’s HQ was quoted as saying “racks of servers are dedicated to him”.

Known for engaging with fans online and replying to tweets, he couldn’t really do any wrong. That was until very recently…

Allegedly spotted engaging in some illegal drug related activity during the new-year celebrations, the controversy sparked online pranksters to start the #cutforbieber hashtag on Twitter. This hash tag suggested to his young fans (known as Beliebers), who use the site to chat about and to their icon, that self-harming would encourage Bieber to come clean and got clean.

What started as a practical joke quickly spiralled into a huge problem with fans posting pictures to message boards of them ‘supposedly’ cutting themselves. The message boards have since been closed down and it is not yet known how many of the photos were fake. This is a very stark reminder of how quickly a message can be spread, be it a joke or otherwise and just how powerful his influence on the site is.

Bieber has begged for forgiveness yet to speak out on what happened. Many are keen to hear his thoughts on fans suggesting they would go this far to ‘support’ him and parents all over the world are outraged, rightly so. This is probably the first time we’ve seen Twitter being used to not only to bring awareness to an issue, but to take it that one step further and to try and coax young, very easily influenced young girls into doing something as serious and life-threatening as self harming.

The young Canadian has previously used his superstar status to his advantage and has famously visited fans that were unwell in hospital, outwardly portraying a clean cut Christian image. Whilst this recent upset doesn’t seem to have affected his popularity, hopefully his alleged misdemeanour will be forgiven and he will be able to continue putting his celebrity status to good use.






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