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Influential Tweeter of the Week: Lady GaGa

Posted by: Polygon PR | Posted on: January 14th, 2013 | 0 Comments

Influential tweeters really grab our interest here at Polygon PR and each week we will be looking at the most popular and engaging Twitter users from around the world.

We’ll tell you (in a few more than 140 characters), how their messages have helped them become global superstars in the Twittersphere.

This week: Lady GaGa

She flew past Britney Spears as she hit 5.7 million followers in August 2010 and now, just two and a half years on from reaching that milestone, the Born this Way singer has over 34 million followers which, continues to grow every day.

1 in 6 people who use Twitter follow GaGa. She has the potential to reach the entire world’s population with her words via the power of re-tweets, only prevented by Twitter’s community not yet being big enough, pretty mind-blowing stuff.

At the last estimation, 95% of tweets about GaGa are positive and her interaction with her followers counts significantly. She manages the account herself and doesn’t have an assistant tweeting on her behalf; this goes a long way towards boosting her online influencing powers.

In order to be a social influencer, transparency is key. Followers like to have an insight into the brand and what you stand for. GaGa’s charity work setting up the ‘Born this Way Foundation’ gleans the softer side of her perceived hard exterior whilst more personal updates about her daily life and photos of her dinner shows people that she is actually one of them, well as much as she can be!

Lady GaGa has got the balance just right. She strikes the right notes with her fans, acknowledging them and responding to their tweets, she isn’t clean cut and will speak her mind, resulting previously in some rather public spats. She is also a very savvy business lady and uses her online presence to promote her work.

Gaming giant Zynga have previously collaborated with the star creating a special extension for the online game FarmVille where users could access exclusive songs and prizes in GaGaVille, creating a buzz among followers. Her record label also uses Twitter to release teasers ahead of launches, further enhancing her online popularity.

Whatever you think of her music or her quirky style, you’ve got to hand it to her, this Lady knows how to rule the online world.






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