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Make Me a Celebrity

A unique celebrity creating service for individuals with talent

Unique Star Making Service

Do you dream of making it big one day, and seeing your name in lights? Maybe you’ve got a great talent, but can’t seem to make the world listen?

Polygon PR’s Make Me a Celebrity service is your golden ticket to make these dreams a reality, as we offer a unique, bespoke service to give talented individuals the chance of fulfilling their fantasies and becoming a media sensation.

This completely unique offering is designed to launch you into your chosen sector of the public eye in an entirely unique way, depending on your goals, interests and personality.

Your public launch will remain unique to you, as each case is dealt with in a very specific manner based on your own aspirations, and our honest feedback as to your chances of success.

This completely confidential service has allowed us to make the dreams come true of brilliant but struggling musicians and bands, a top model, a well-known TV presenter, a gifted performer in an unusual industry, and a celebrity chef.

To ensure we only provide the highest quality of service, we only ever take on aspiring celebrities we believe have what it takes, and for those we do, we provide a very unique opportunity – a ticket to stardom.

So, what’s included in your bespoke Make Me a Celebrity package?

  • A full briefing session to understand your goals and aspirations in detail.
  • A unique creative PR plan, designed by PR experts to meet your individual goals.
  • A highly creative media campaign to launch you onto the scene in unique, and memorable style.
  • An agreed level of relevant media coverage for you to act as a barometer of success.
  • Placement at key showbiz events, if appropriate.
  • Your own website.
  • Management of your social networking.
  • Complete confidentiality assured from start to finish.