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Media Training

Effective, innovative and fully-filmed media training

First Class Media Training To Protect Your Brand

Every organisation should have a spokesperson to comment on the good (and the not so good) news. If delivered in the right way, this spokesperson can maximise the good news, and even spin a bad media storm into a positive opportunity.

For this to happen though, the spokesperson must absolutely communicate the brand’s values and tone of voice in every verbal and non-verbal nuance, giving a consistent, positive and honest portrayal of the brand at all times.

This takes practice to perfect, but the good news is that, with the right training, almost anyone can be a great brand spokesperson.

Our comprehensive training package is delivered by our vastly experienced PR trainer, with a decade of fronting brands, and a veteran BBC-trained broadcast journalist, and will transform almost anyone into the kind of spokesperson your brand deserves.

If you’re ready to take your spokesperson to the next level, or train an employee to be a media speaker the brand will be proud of, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

So, what’s included in your media training package?

  • A full day’s training at your offices with a highly experienced PR trainer and a highly experienced broadcast journalist.
  • A pre-training mock interview by the broadcast journalist, recorded by a broadcast news cameraman.
  • A full analysis of the performance of the pre-training interview to understand which areas require most support.
  • Practical and theoretical advice on how to improve to an appropriate level.
  • Regular filmed mock-interview scenarios, which are deconstructed after to improve performance.
  • Training pack featuring practical advice on the key things to remember, and how to practice in everyday situations.
  • Edited highlights of what to remember from spokesperson’s mock-interviews, complete with commentary by training team.